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Fairway Mortgage | Business Promo

This was a seriously beautiful day! Fairway Mortgage has a special loan for Native Americans. This was my first shoot with a horse and with the sunset it was great! Fairway mortgage was great to work with and gave me room to do the best work I can.

Boggs Home Inspector | Business Promo

A month ago I made a video of Boggs Inspection services. Dwayne Bogg runs a very tight ship with some great training for his employees! His employees do an average of 150 home inspections before going on their own.

Fired Up Networking | Business Promo

This was one of the funniest shoots I’ve ever done! I mean when you start the shoot with two grown women in footie pajamas! How could you go wrong! Huge shout out to Joshua, he really helped me with this and gave me great ideas!

Brenda Lee | Community Promo

It’s not every day you get to capture a 70+ year old on a jet ski! This was one of those days! Brenda Lee has such a fun personality, it was really a pleasure to work with her. Enjoy.

Bristow’s Exclusive Auto Repair | Business Promo

I had a really great time with Pete and his crew for this shoot. But I have to say the star of the show was Olive, the shop dog. Thanks Pete for a quick fun shoot.

Fence Specialist | Business Promo

This was a fun shoot! About two weeks ago now I had a great time with the fence Specialist team to make this promo video. This was my first time shooting wielding in slow motion, I like it! Enjoy

Center Collision | Business Promo

Last week I had a great time getting to know the fine folks down at Center Collision in good old Tacoma. I filmed a short video for them. I really like how it turned out, and I hope you do too.

Kay Parks | Business Promo

Kay parks auto is a local auto body shop that has been in business since the 40’s. I had a great time with Nathan and his crew capturing his business.

RepurposeWear | Business Promo

I had a blast filming Renata and her business, Repurposewear. I got some great clothes from her store, it’s a great value! Are you in need of a different shopping experience? REPURPOSEWEAR is here
for you. We have a unique one of a kind clothing, accessories, gifts and custom
blended aromatherapy lotions and potions. Great stuff at great prices.

Matimals | Product Promo

What a fun shoot this was! Karin and her daughter did a great job keeping the kids happy during the entire shoot! This is my second shoot with kids, and so far so good!

Gatlin Johnson | Copywriting | Business Promo

I have personally hired Gatlin to help me with emails and touch-ups on my website, he’s a great listener and he uses those skills to get your message across.

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