Why Videos Crafted

Top of the line editing software and skills: In today’s world, amazing cameras aren’t overly difficult to come by. What sets our videos apart and what makes such a great finished product is our level of editing. The software we use is as good as you can get and Tim’s editing skills are second-to-none.

Emotional Pull: Video alone is one of the best ways humans can capture the full range of emotion. We take this and turn it up by using the right lighting, motion, and music to draw people in.

Easily shareable: Once we give you the final video it’s yours to do whatever you please. Send it in emails, post it to YouTube, Facebook, and other Social Media. You can even give this to your local TV station. I bet yours will be the most remembered commercial if you took that route.

Confidence: People have said our videos give them the confidence they need to move forward in business. This is in part thanks to how we’re able to show you as the hero to your target audience.


Our Story

My name is Tim Krause, I own this video production company. I have an on call team that can expand my abilities as needed for the job. I first started off in video/tech production at my Church for many years working on the tech team. Working behind the scenes and running camera for special events and Sunday services. From there it was short videos with friends, skate boarding videos, and fighting videos were the core. For the past three years, I've had a professional photography company. Working on my photography skills have really helped me focus on making one frame look beautiful, which I believe dramatically helps in making beautiful videos. Video production is a blast, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Next Steps...

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