We have experience in script writing, story boarding, and other often-overlooked parts of production. We’ll give you the guidance you need to have an exact understanding of what to expect during the process.


We have vast knowledge thanks to working on a variety of projects. Indoors or outdoors in all sorts of weather. If your video calls for extra assistance, I have a large pool of talent to pull from. No project is too big.

Post Production

We use one of the most advanced NLE’s along with top of the line color-correcting and grading software. This gives your video the vibrant or subtle tone needed capture the feel you desire.

What’s our booking process?

We’ll discuss your goals and wishes for the video. What do you want it to accomplish? This discussion will cover theme, style, and length. After that, we’ll send you a proposal and contract. Once you digitally sign the contract and deliver a retainer, we’ll lock in a day for your shoot!

Business Videos

We make great videos for businesses, from sole properties to full on multination corporations. We can make great videos for your marketing needs.

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Music Videos

Music videos are tons of fun! Whether it’s a live performance or a totally narrative feel. I can help you develop your idea, or just send me your song with a lyric sheet, and I’ll give you my thoughts.

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Next Steps…

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