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As a video production agency, we offer full-service accommodations.

We coach you through your on-camera performance to make sure you come across as professional as possible. We also offer the use of a teleprompter when applicable to ease the burden of memorizing lines giving you, the talent, less to worry about.

We offer hair and makeup to add that extra level of glamour to make you look that much better for the camera.

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We can also partner with you for script treatments in order to fine-tune your message for maximum effect.

Our goal is to make you shine bright, to help you share your message, and to make you look your absolute best.

Tim Krause, CEO and Creative Director

Tim is one of the hardest workers in the business. His hands on approach in his business sets him apart. His eye for getting the right shots and building a story around your brand is truly inspiring. His body of work often takes him out of the state and country for projects but his lovely wife and two daughters keep him rooted in the Pacific Northwest and at the helm of the company.

His analytical mind and mastery of systems allows Tim to lead his company with clear direction and repeated acclaim from everyone who has had the pleasure of working with him.

In his spare time Tim invents products and produces them on his home 3D printer. Film making is more than just a job for him, even when he’s not working you’ll still often find him with a camera in his hand. Below you can see some home movies he made of his family outings.

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Tim has consistantly produced over 150 videos year over year.

Last year was hired to film in Bosnia and Iceland.

Josh Redmond, our Writer and Director

Josh has been working in the entertainment and advertisement industry for the better part of ten years. After graduating Vancouver Film School, he got his start working in Seattle at a small studio producing 3D game content for Disney. Since then he’s gone on to work for clients such as ESPN, WWE, Honda Motorcycles, Microsoft, and even produced commercials for Justin Bieber and One Direction products. His work has also taken him around the world as he has produced documentaries in Thailand and the Philippines.

Josh brings his creative mind to the table when it comes to the writing and messaging behind the brands we represent. His job is to help each of our clients stay true to themselves while capturing the charm of what makes them the most irresistible to a captive audience. He is often the liaison between the client and the camera. And he shows up to every shoot to coach each client through their performance and to help them feel natural and comfortable.

With such a wide skill set, Josh often acts as the Swiss Army knife on our team. There’s no job he’s afraid to take on.

In his free time, Josh writes narrative scripts and when the weather is nice enough you just might find him on his skateboard. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Josh consistently pushes for a high standard of excellence no matter what the task and whether he’s doing a script treatment or manning a second camera you know that you’re in good hands.

Josh has won multiple film festival awards traveling across the country for his work.

"Tim Is Just Fantastic To Work With, Giving Great Ideas For What We Wanted And The Best Part Being Open To Our Ideas And Making Them Look GREAT!. His Flexibility And 100% Customer Service Attitude Was Very Refreshing And Appreciated. I Cannot Recommend Videos Crafted Highly Enough."
John Bourdon
Sand Stone Distillery
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