Shooting Video on Your Phone

Shooting Video on Your Phone

Today’s phones are better cameras than the TV cameras of generations past. You now have in your pocket the ability to capture your message and share it with the world with the push of a button.

When asked what camera someone should buy, the first place we often point them is to what’s already sitting in their hand.

We often equate the use of video to advertise, to jet fuel for your business. And once you understand the power of that, you’ll see the full potential of what your phone can do for you.

These are some tips for shooting your own videos for the web and social media that you can implement today.

Tip 1: Film yourself in a quiet place whenever possible. This will yield the best audio and make the experience much better for your audience.

Tip 2: Write an outline. This will keep you on track and help the structure of your video.

Tip 3: Consider lighting. Use your front facing camera while watching the brightness of your face to find the optimal light. You want to be able to see the color of your eyes. Big windows are often a great source of light.

Tip 4: Keep up the energy. Your level of excitement about your topic nonverbally communicates to your audience how they should feel about what you’re talking about. As a general rule, cameras take away about half of the subject’s energy, so don’t hold back.

Tip 5: Good is often better than perfect. You can spend hours and take after take trying to get your video absolutely flawless. Though this may be necessary on high-end productions, you don’t have to hold yourself to this same standard. Don’t be afraid to let your audience see your humanity.

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