Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

We know the hustle of working in the world of real estate. Always working on that next deal, getting your name out there, hosting showings and open houses, and doing everything in your power to ensure your brand is impenetrable.

Listing videos are the obvious way to utilize technology to make sales, but have you ever considered using video to build your personal brand? Houses come and go, but regardless, YOU are at the center of every deal. The numbers and the transaction is one thing, but choosing which agent to enter into that pivotal relationship with is what sets the top earners apart.

One of the products we offer is a Video Business Card (or a VBC) for agents, brokers, and professionals alike. So often it’s easy to get lost in the crowd or suffer the curse of obscurity; a VBC can often be the remedy. A professional video can set you apart. It can put you on that next level.

There’s something that naturally happens when people see you in a video. Maybe it harkens back to the old belief that you must be famous if you’re on TV. But when there’s a professional video showcasing you, your accolades, and your personal brand, there’s little stopping the audience from equating your professionalism in advertising to your professionalism when it comes to their investments.

Over the years we’ve produced many VBCs, and the wonderful thing about them is that each one is different than the last. Each agent we work with has their own personality, their own practices that make them endearing, and their own voice. We create a custom script and shoot in multiple locations in order to create the most vibrant piece of advertising possible.

Our clients have used their VBCs across social media marketing campaigns, on the home page of their websites, as the cover of their Facebook pages, and even in physical digital video greeting cards delivered in the mail to prospective clients. Where there’s an opportunity to make an impression, a VBC can do it for you.

Selling yourself shouldn’t be hard. VBCs make it easy. You’ll look your best, sound your best, and make the decision a no brainer for anyone in search of that professional touch.

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